About Techomega

Tech Omega is emerging Information Technology, Consulting, and Outsourcing Company formed by highly experienced and successful IT Professionals from different parts of the world.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and broad experience enables us to leverage our capabilities in developing winning strategies and cost effective solutions. Our aim is to build the most efficient, customer focused and process driven organization through our strong business connects in North America, Middle East and India, by delivering innovate, optimized solutions and services across the globe

The founders bring with them their proven success and rich, long experience to build and drive the company. The emergence of this Information Technology company offering highly specialized and vendor specific consulting and outsourcing services in the IT sector, is the realization and fulfillment of the vision of these preeminently qualified professionals.

The founding professionals at Tech Omega envisage their arrival as an event much more than just being another entrant in the IT arena. They wish to bring fresh ideas and success mantras based on their guiding principles of professionalism matching with the times. They wish to build, consolidate and strive to be perpetually ahead in the race. Tech Omega firmly base their promises on the strength of their proven capabilities in a wide spectrum of enterprise solutions and services. The company has strong business -connects in North America, the Middle East and India.

Our solution expertise range from consultations, product engineering, application development and management, solution integrations, infrastructure management to remote infrastructure management services.

Tech Omega works towards ensuring our client is placed in the forefront of the fiercely competitive modern day global market. Wisdom dictates that to beat competition, the clients need to arrive first in the market. Our company ensures this by helping clients maximize returns on heavy IT investments, corporate cost reductions and ever growing customer base.

The Tech Omega teams comprising a rich talent pool join forces to offer the most innovative solutions to our clients. Intrinsic to our stated commitments is a constant monitoring of efficacy of solutions we provide to our esteemed customers. We look forward to partnering success and growth of our clients rather than as contracted vendors.

Tech Omega's primary mission is to serve our clients with varied and effective services drawing on tools and technologies constantly updated by our specialists. Our vision sees the growth of a partnership of a mutual success. The talent pool at Tech Omega is subjected to a constant up-gradation of our skill and knowledge, essential to keep pace with fast changing IT technologies. Our candid approach to self appraisal and online performance monitoring ensure a defect free service.

We are resolutely focused on creating sustainable value growth through innovative solutions and unique partnerships.

We foster an environment to instill these values in every facet of our organization. We strongly believe in

The corporate culture of Tech Omega is built on inculcating the rich values of trust, honesty, hard work and commitment in our people. We emphasize on knowledge improvement, skill enhancement, motivation, inspiration, performance and retention of our team of people.

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