Desktop Management Services

The ultimate phase of the technology investments is what the user confronts on his/her desktop. Millions of business users worldwide heavily rely on the perpetually evolving technology to perform various tasks in the most effective manner. The heavy investments in technology need to translate into visible gains in terms of time, money and profits. Breaking edge developments and technologies add to the challenge in terms of constant up-gradation. Selecting the right software options in the current scenario poses a real challenge especially in the context of global spread and operations of the companies.

The diversity in market needs only poses further demands on the eventual system. Tech Omega's desktop management services deal in a comprehensive range of services. We provide end-to-end enablement of desktops, operating systems, employee productivity applications, business software and compliance checks. Our services start from desktop rollout to patch management to remote desktop management.

We also provide support for managing hardware assets, technology refresh program and routine provisioning tasks. We cater to request for new installation, configuration changes, maintenance of desktops and laptops.

Tech Omega's desktop management services form the closing loop in the cycle of information technology industry.

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