Database Support Services

The Tech Omega DBA experts utilize their extensive skill in providing both proactive and reactive database support.

We provide a database support service model comprising an extensive range of activities. The expert team will cater to routine tasks involving patching, back-up, configuration and installation. We also provide services tailor-made to meet requirements of specific database environment which include customized deployment procedures, refreshed methodologies, failover and replication routines demanding focused attention over basic knowledge application.

Tech Omega's Database Support Services provide:

Tech Omega's Database support model effectively utilize their primary and technical DBA's in collabarating with customers in assessing the database environment and then provide the best service.

Database performance depend on proactive database tuning and optimization. Database tuning falls in the purview of a highly experienced expert DBA to provide effective database performance. Evolution of various database options, configuration and usages in complex IT applications requires the services of a DBA expert.

Tech Omega DBA's nurture proactive database tuning to the point of continously evolving ideal process. Our association is not limited to reactive tuning. We support our client's database, server or instance in a constant mode by offering solutions, testing and implementing database tuning changes.

Tech Omega cater to both long term proactive and pressing instantaneous needs for short term tuning services. The proactive tuning comprises database utilization, license optimization, ETL loading, clustering, log shipping, replication jobs or preproduction work. Instantaneous tuning requirements comprise reports, statements, jobs, backups or materialized views. The Tech Omega DBA's ensure that the client's database runs smoothly and optimally.

Thrust Of Tech Omega's Tuning Services:

Tech Omega's database support team integrate with the client's database environment intimately to provide un-interrupted online service. Tech Omega prides in meeting all the DBA support a client needs anytime.

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