CRM Solutions

The world economy is driven by fierce competition and it is essential for companies to have the abilities to swiftly react to market changes factoring emerging issues. Tech Omega recognizes that equipping clients with best CRM solutions will be ineffective unless accompanied by measures to ensure long term viability.

Tech Omega firmly believes that Customer Relationship Management is an indispensable strategy for attracting, retaining and growth of a profitable customer base. Tech Omega provides a complete CRM cycle beginning with devising, evaluating, feasibility analysis, implementing, upgrading, data migration and post-implementation support.


The success of the CRM projects handled by Tech Omega is evaluated on the basis of following standards:

  1. ROI by the client in CRM licensing and implementation
  2. Recovery of initial investment accruing due to cost savings and increase in revenues.
  3. Reduced Transaction volume
  4. Reduced Transaction level cost
  5. Incorporating customer viewpoints leading to its significant presence in CRM strategies


Tech Omega has developed mature and best in class methodologies, processes and reusable tools that help client get jump start over their CRM initiatives. These assets have evolved over years of experience in various projects. They can also be customized.

CRM Services

Tech Omega undertakes the full range of enterprise solutions from selection of appropriate package to application support and maintenance. The services offered are:

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